A website is always accessible. The whole world can see your involvements.

We deliver tailormade websites (examples Portfolio) and Design4mat Formula-sites, personalised, all-round and inexpencive.

Designing a site is a creative process. What image do you want to portray?
Which information do you want to present? How does the communication flow?

When constructing a website, we take the future business plans of a company into account. A website is, after all, a dynamic medium. >>

Our starting point is that the visitor can oversee the website in a single glance. In order to achieve this, technology and design have to go hand in hand.

What can you expect from us:

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mail: edj at browserbeest.nl

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Els de Jong
Els de Jong:
Design has to adapt to the company. A site for an IT company requires a different approach than a website for an orchestra.

I talk to clients about the company and their personal preferences. These conversations give me the necessary insight into what the client wants. In this process design plays a practical role: through the use of color and form an identity is created. In this manner you can find your individuality in the virtual world.

The design has to synergize with the functionality, making it straightforward for the visitor to browse the website.  >>

Sometimes design and functionality are at odds. The art of web design is to keep form and functionality in harmony in order for the website to differentiate itself from all other websites.

Els de Jong: webdesign, grafic design
print / digital   <<

Thijs van der Laan
Thijs van der Laan:
How do people look at a website? One person clicks immediately on text, another on a picture. The information on a website has, therefore, to be able to be found in a variety of ways as well as form one whole with the lay-out. We take this into consideration in the navigational structure.

Visitors ought not to be pre-occupied with the technology. They should be able to browse the site easily.

What should a website be able to do? Do you only want to provide information about who you are and what you do, and will this  >>
information be unlikely to change in the near future? If this is the case, a simple website will do the trick.

Technology provides more and more possibilities. For websites which require regular updates we designed a Content Management System, accessible via the internet. To achieve this, we work with programmers. They designed this extremely user friendly maintenance program for all our websites.
Changing text, photographs or music is an example of technology which is invisible, but which ensures the satisfaction of you, the client of Bureau Browserbeest.  <<

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